Ian Spink

Cal Wallace, by David Liddell

Catriona Yule

Rapunzel Wizard

Gráinne Smith

Haworth Hodgkinson

Wordfringe Festival Players

A Theatre Company for Aberdeen
and North-East Scotland

The theatre company Wordfringe Festival Players was established in 2006.

Our aims are to present opportunities for writers in the North-East of Scotland to have new and original scripts developed and produced and to provide a public platform for local creative talent.

We encourage the production of innovative and experimental projects, especially those projects that seek to combine a variety of theatrical forms, including spoken word, dance, music, multi-media and mime.

We seek to raise the profile of small local venues by staging productions of a high standard, primarily but not exclusively as part of the annual New Words festival (previously Wordfringe).

Previous Productions

Everything but the Truth

Wordfringe 2008
Monday 5th May 2008
Woodend Barn, Banchory

Gully Molly

written by Cal Wallace
performed by Morag Skene

Two Seconds

written by Catriona Yule
performed by Suzy Enoch & Martin Bearne

Too True to be Good

written and performed by Rapunzel Wizard

Candles and Pizzas

written by Haworth Hodgkinson
performed by Pauline de Koning

directed by Ian Spink

Confessions and Rants

Wordfringe 2007
Monday 21st May 2007
Aberdeen Arts Centre

The Will o Janet Wishart

written and performed by Wendy Ivers
with music by Haworth Hodgkinson
directed by Gráinne Smith

Uncle Kenny

written by Cal Wallace
performed by Matthew Jupe
directed by Catriona McLeod

Callum McAllion's Voice

written by Haworth Hodgkinson
performed by Pauline de Koning
with music by Haworth Hodgkinson

Morag Skene

Suzy Enoch

Martin Bearne

Pauline de Koning

Matthew Jupe

Wendy Ivers

Wordfringe Festival Players acknowledge the support of:

Kincardine & Deeside Arts Forum
Aberdeenshire Council
Aberdeen City Council
Woodend Barn
Aberdeen Arts Centre
Citymoves Dance Space

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